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Model 200Z - Heavy Duty Spring Hinges

Ideal for installation in all commercial, industrial, or institutional buildings with restroom facilities.

NIK-O-LOK's Surface Spring Hinges are built of a sturdy alloy that assures durability and long life. Because the alloy costs much less than brass, NOL hinges cost only about one-third as much as traditionally used brass hinges.

Their smooth, contemporary design and permanent chrome finish make a very attractive hinge that will blend with any décor. Cadmium-plated spring anchorage...and oil-tempered springs assure smooth action, minimum wear and long life. Mounting hardware is furnished with each pair of hinges.

Nik-O-Lok's exclusive surface hinge design provides a highly beneficial advance in weight of material, performance, appearance and ease of maintenance. This hinge embodies the highest principles of both engineering and workmanship. You won't find a better hinge for original installation or replacement purposes at any cost!

-Highly polished chrome finish
-Surface Mounted
-Right or left handed&inward or outward opening&available with reverse spring to hold door open
-Adjustable spring tension
-Available off the shelf for immediate delivery


Please be sure to specify forward or reverse hinge when ordering.

Shipping weight: 3 lbs. per pair