Nik-O-Lok FAQ


Q: Why use a Coin Operated Restroom Lock?

A: Access Control. Providing a safe, clean and modern restroom is an ongoing expense. You should limit who has access to your facilities to reduce vandalism, lower cleaning, water and maintenance cost and protect patrons. You can limit access to only customers that you have provided a token to or limit access to those willing to use a quarter or we can do a combination of both.

Token only locks allow you to restrict access to only those you give a token. That token is a one-time key that is retained in the lock for you to reuse over and over. No more patrons not returning the restroom key or you needing to attach that key to a hub cap. Quarter locks will still reduce access but also provide a stream of revenue to help offset the cost associated with providing a safe, clean restroom for your patrons. Vandals and other non-desirable elements typically will not bother with a restroom that they would have to pay to get into.


Q: Is my Nik-O-Lok reliable?

A: Our locks are very robust and can withstand a lot of abuse. Our cases are heavy duty castings and the inner mechanisms are brass to eliminate corrosion. There are other locks you may find that are certainly not built to endure the abuse that the Nik-O-Lok routinely handles. Some of our locks have been in service for decades without a single service issue. However, nothing is completely vandal proof for a determined individual.


Q: Is my Nik-O-Lok serviceable?

A: Yes. Replacement equipment or parts are provided at no charge, regardless of vandalism or simple wear-and-tear, and we pay for shipping. We have a toll-free number so even the call is free. In some limited areas we may have factory service technicians available. Otherwise, you simply swap out the damaged part with the one we send and return the old one. All you typically need is a screwdriver.


Q: Is my Nik-O-Lok easy to install?

A: Yes. We provide detailed instructions, hardware and drill templates. The existing handles should be removed as our lock replaces that. You will then need to drill a few holes in your door, mount our lock with the provided hardware and you are all set. Most installations can be done by anyone proficient with a drill and screwdriver in an hour or less. Again, in some limited areas we may have factory service technicians available that will install it for you.


Q: Why lease when I could just buy a lock?

A: Our locks are only available for lease and we do not sell them. We have created a very robust lock that can withstand a lot of abuse. Just compare our locks to others and you will instantly see the difference. This heavy-duty design comes at a cost and if we were to simply sell these locks, they would be prohibitively expensive. Besides, do you want to have one more maintenance item that’s the target of abuse and vandalism? Let us take that task on for you…we can handle it.


Q: Is a door closer required?

A: Yes. No lock will work if the door doesn’t close. You will need to provide some form of automatic door closer. We recommend a pneumatic style that meets safety and building codes for your area.


Q: Is my Nik-O-Lok compliant with ADA?

A: There’s no official “ADA” stamp of approval and it is often up to a local building inspector. However, our lock has been redesigned to meet all applicable ADA regulations when installed correctly:

309.4 Operation. Operable parts shall be operable with one hand and shall not require tight grasping, pinching, or twisting of the wrist. The force required to activate operable parts shall be 5 pounds (22.2 N) maximum.

The Nik-O-Lok handle is a U-Shaped, Double-Lever design that operates with approximately 30⁰ rotation in either direction. Therefore, no tight grasping or twisting of the wrist is required. The force required to operate is typically 2.5 – 3lbs, which is well below the ADA maximum of 5lbs. Non-fixed portions of door or gate hardware, including keys and access cards, are not covered by the Standards and are therefore not required to comply. This would apply to the use of tokens or coins as these are considered ‘keys’ used to operate the locking mechanism.

There are many other factors and regulations governing the design of your restroom so you should always check with your local building inspector. Factors such as size, door swing, fixture heights, etc. have nothing to do with the Nik-O-Lok equipment.
The final test lies in alternatives. If there is no better alternative, if all practical attempts have been made to comply with the appropriate regulations, then the item is in compliance.


Q: How many coins can my Nik-O-Lok hold?

A: Depending on the size of coin used in your lock this can range from 220 quarters to over 900 small, dime-sized tokens. We suggest emptying the lock on a regular basis as an overloaded lock can cause jamming and binding.


Q: Can any coin or slug be used in my Nik-O-Lok?

A: No, the Nik-O-Lok is designed to only accept a specific size coin. Oversized coins will not fit in the slot and smaller coins simply drop thru without activating the mechanism.


Q: Can my lock include a “Privacy Lock” for single person restrooms?

A: Yes. Once inside, your patrons simply flip a lever on the inside that closes the coin slot on the outside so no one else can enter. Once the patron finishes and exits the restroom, the privacy latch automatically resets for the next patron. Restrooms with multiple stalls would not have this feature installed.


Q: Can I or my cleaning crew enter the restroom without using a coin?

A: Yes. Our locks include a “passkey” mechanism that allows managers, cleaning crews, etc. to enter the restroom without having to insert a coin. This can also be used to by-pass the privacy feature and enter the restroom in case of emergency.


Q: Can my Nik-O-Lok utilize a “lock out” feature?

A: In certain circumstances your lock can be designed to be closed for the night by covering the coin slot to stop people from entering the restroom. In other designs, a key can be used to deactivate the use of coins and allow the door to stay unlocked for times such as a lunch rush, etc. Many variations are possible.


Q: Can my Nik-O-Lok use special sized tokens?

A: Yes, however, our typical locks are designed for use with specific coins and/or tokens. These range from dime-sized to quarters. For our token operated locks we have alternate sizes available to accommodate local requirements. However, in special circumstances we have been able to accommodate special sizes. Call for details.


Q: Are keys and tokens provided?

A: Yes. When you order your token-operated locks we will provide an initial supply of 200 tokens per lock. Since the tokens are recycled back into the lock, these should last for quite a while. However, should you need additional tokens they are available for purchase in bags of 100ea. We will also provide two full sets of keys. We record the special keycodes so if you need additional keys either now or in the future we can provide them for a small charge.


Q: How do I order?

A: Easy, call us at 800-428-4348. We will determine your exact requirements and get things going right away. Equipment will be shipped out in 1-2 days or if you are located within our service areas, an installation will be scheduled at your convenience.