The Solution to your restroom problems…

Token and/or Coin Operated Restroom Security Locks


Controlled restroom access can make restroom security easy, inexpensive, and help reduce vandalism and mischief!

Owners of restaurants, service stations, retail stores and other commercial businesses will readily tell you…when it comes to public restrooms, security is a major problem. People want and need clean and safe public restroom facilities, but business owners find it both difficult and expensive to provide for the personal security of the restroom user and the security of their property.

With free and open access, the personal safety of the patron can be in jeopardy. With open access, people have little or no respect for the facilities. They mark walls, throw trash, abuse fixtures, break equipment and steal supplies. Sometimes the people doing these things are customers; more often they are not.

But now there is a way to secure your restroom facilities, protect patrons, reduce damage and lower the cost of maintenance…by controlling access with Nik-O-Lok™ Token Only or Token and/or Coin Operated Security Locks.

Nik-O-Lok™ Token Only or Token and/or Coin Operated Security Locks not only secure your restrooms, but they can also provide a new source of revenue and improve relations. Here’s how…

AVAILABLE TWO WAYS – Nik-O-Lok™ Security Locks can be built to accept tokens only or tokens and .25 coins (quarters).

  • Token-only operated locks provide you with enhanced security by limiting access to only your customers.
  • Our Token and/or Coin Operated locks provide free, convenient access for your customers (via token) and a new source of revenue for you from non-customers who must use a quarter.
Nik-O-Lok Coins

Vandalism Reduced

Controlled access to restrooms substantially reduces the chances of vandalism and the stealing of equipment and supplies.

    Vandalism is Costly

    Lower Maintenance Time & Costs

    Patrons prefer controlled facilities. They feel safe. It gives them the incentive to keep facilities cleaner. Your cleaning time and maintenance costs can be greatly reduced.

    Our Privacy Attachment Protects Patrons

    For a single-occupancy restroom, the lock can be equipped with a privacy attachment inside the restroom door that helps insure the personal privacy and safety of anyone using your restroom. The lock is automatically reset as the patron leaves.

    Nik-O-Lok Lock Lever

    Variable Applications

    If your restroom access is outside or exterior, the locks can be used as regular locks to secure your facilities when you are closed. Or, if your restrooms are inside, you may deactivate the locks when desired such as during peak mealtimes in a restaurant. Every lock is supplied with a passkey that allows authorized personnel access at any time.

    Appropriate Signage

    Each lock is supplied with appropriate door signage.

    Door Signage

    Sturdy Construction

    Nik-O-Lok™ Security Locks are quality built for dependability and long life with cast heavy-duty, weatherproof, chrome-plated casings, brass internal mechanism, a pickproof cash door, and ADA compliant handles.

    Low-Cost Lease Basis

    These security locks are available on a lease agreement for a low monthly rental fee per lock. Payment can be made monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually either invoiced or by credit card. A discount is available for those who choose to pay annually. There is a one-time $25 per lock setup fee required at the time of installation.

    We will supply the lock, proper door signage, 200 free tokens per lock, an installation template, and complete installation instructions. In most cases, you can install the lock yourself in less than an hour.

    You keep all the coins deposited in the locks! In most instances, lock revenue is sufficient to offset the cost of the monthly rental fee and even provide a new source of income to offset expenses.

    Easy Service

    For service, we maintain a toll-free telephone number you may call for replacement equipment. Replacement locks or parts are provided at no charge, and we pay for all shipping. 

    How to Order

    To order, simply call our toll-free number listed below. We will forward to you a lease agreement prepared to your specifications. Simply return the signed agreement together with your first month’s rental, and the setup fee(s) required. Your equipment and installation materials will be shipped to you pre-paid, normally within one or two days, or if available, arrangements will be made for the equipment installation.

    Now is the time to secure your restrooms, lower your maintenance costs and stop non-customer abuse!

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